The Essential Inputs in a Simple Travel Blog

Every one of us loves the idea of traveling, merely because traveling is an activity that we see enjoyable and exciting. Since some us do also find different memorable experiences in each places we get to visit, we write those experiences in our journals. We want the world to see how a distinct tourist attraction unleashes its beauty, that’s why we choose to document our travel experience through the internet.

In this generation where everyone is already at ease using high-tech gadgets, everyone can also easily exchange ideas.

Blogging and Traveling

Travel Blog Guide

Blogging is a type of journalism where a certain discussion or informational site is published on the internet. Blogging is meant to increase online interactions by letting visitors leave comments and messages. Having said that, blogging can be seen as a type of social networking service. Aside from building social connection with the readers and other bloggers, another function of blogging is to give a person online space for his or her diaries.

Sometimes, blogging can be also associated with advertisement and promotion. It has become a big help to travelers not only because they get to express what they want to say; they also get additional helpful tips from fellow travelers as well.  Paid or not, travelers write to express and to inspire. What they typically do is list the necessary details that they have had during their journey.

A simple travel blog have attributes like the itinerary, breakdown of expenses, directions, contact details, exact map locations, and images of the place.


To begin with, we will be first having the itinerary. Some fellow travelers prefer to include their actual itinerary on their blog site. We, as a travel blogger, must consider taking notes of the time availability of the public transportation and accommodation. We should also list the travel duration because some readers do browse travel blogs for them to have an estimate of their travel days. Different modes of transportation, like plane, ferries and buses, have corresponding arrival and departure time. The travel budget will be affected if the itinerary is not well-planned.

Breakdown of expenses

This should also be considered because the accommodation, local guide, and transportation fee vary depending on the number of travelers. Almost every travel blog has the detailed input expenses.

Getting there

This depends on what we, as the travelers, have gone through. In most blogs, we commonly see that the traveler’s mode of transportation is through the public transport. Although there are apps available through the internet, readers still prefer personal accounts of the travelers, which is why we should comprehensibly list our transportation particularities.

Contact details

If the accommodation, the local guide and the transportation companies are willing to give their contact details through online website, then we may include their details in our blog site. Through this, they would be able to get more potential guests.

Map Location

Map location is also important for the ease of navigation of the readers. Exact location is needed in case there are immediate changes in the transportation. It is important for the readers to get familiar with the geographical position of the prospective tourist attraction.

Captured Images

Image serves as the reader’s reference of important landmarks. Actual images also help promote the place. Captured images also bring us memories when we take a look at it.

Other Purposes of Travel Blogging

make-money-travel-blogOther purposes are also to educate the readers. Aside from informative trivia that we may include, we could also add enlightening inputs like the “Leave No Trace” principle. Some travel bloggers also write for a sole function: conscious traveling. Conscious traveling has the purpose to give the readers an idea about environmental and cultural awareness in traveling.

With the help of many online companies, we can make our travel experience known far and wide throughout the world.

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